Our Mission

To strengthen and advance Native American individuals and families by providing supportive services and resources designed to preserve culture and promote economic security.

Our Vision

We are Native Americans living and working in the Bismarck-Mandan-Lincoln area. We are respected and appreciated. We have prosperous, healthy families and are proud of our Native American heritage. We are respected political and civic leaders. We are well known for our athleticism and healthy life styles. Our languages and lifestyles link current generations to the ancient indigenous people who lived in harmony with the earth.

Our ancestors’ ancient wisdom instructs us today. We are a courageous people telling the truth about a history of conflict yet willing to forgive and to reconcile with brothers and sisters. We are a welcoming people, sharing with those new to the community and those who cannot meet their basic needs. We are respectful and generous, and we stand in solidarity with those who seek to improve their lives. Our Center helps transform those who feel helpless despair into strong people full of hope.


Our Values

We value human transformation—the power of people to become self-sufficient and productive members of society. We value the transformation of communities and society so that hurt, conflict, and injury become an appreciation and celebration of diversity and peace.

We value healthy people. The healthy people we imagine are hopeful about the future, have a love for learning and education, have strong and nurturing families, love physical activity and athletics, and live holistically in their communities. We value ethnic diversity and community pride in that diversity. We value ethnic identity, language, and history as vibrant parts of active community life.

We value kinship between Whites and Native Americans. We hope for a joyful reconciliation made possible by courageous truth-telling and forgiveness. We value the deep spiritual bond between all people, recognizing the sacredness of our Creator and the earth.


The Native American Development Center (NADC) is a 501(c)(3) Native-led nonprofit corporation. Our headquarters is in Bismarck, North Dakota since August 2014. NADC was founded on September 10, 2012 to provide social-economic and cultural education, resources and support services to Native Americans living in the Bismarck Metro Area which has the largest diverse tribal Native American population in an urban city within the North Dakota. We work towards helping people and families obtain social, emotional, spiritual and economic security. We integrate our tribally diverse values including kinship to best meet the cultural needs of Native Americans.


(1) Financial Capability

(2) Housing & Homeownership

(3) Employment & Career Development

(4) Parent & Youth

Mentoring and cultural are integrated into each program service, event and activity.

Who We Are


Vacant, Board Chair
Todd Humphrey, Vice Chair
Aaron Ness, Treasurer
Blaise Regal, Secretary
Lucy Fredericks, Member
Stacey LeCompte, Member
Jessica Gilbertson, Member
Lori Fredericks, Member
Vacant, Member

Scott Davis, ND Indian Affairs
Leander “Russ” McDonald, UTTC President
Mike Mabin, Ageny MABU
Al Nygard, MHA CEO
Bill Condon, Seven Fires Business Solutions
Rod Backman, CPA, Covenant Consulting
Kathy Froelich, MREC Cultural Coordinator
Tim Purdon, Pro Bono Legal Attorney
Juel Burnette, 1st Tribal Lending
Michael Carbone, Consulting

Lorraine Davis, Executive Director

Community Resources

Homeless Shelters

Abused Adult Resources

Legal Advocacy

Treatment & Counseling


ND Indian Affairs

ND Tribal Nations





Mentors & Support Groups


Community Events